Topics for Workshops

Topics for WorkshopsPaul is a highly accomplished speaker and workshop facilitator on a range of topics, drawing from his 30 years as a researcher and consultant, and his 19 years practising as an executive coach. Paul has designed and facilitated more than 500 workshops.

Paul works with his colleagues from The Vittles Organisation and trusted associates to design and deliver workshops and workshop-based learning programmes to meet verified client needs.

Below is a selection of Paul’s workshop sessions, award-winning presentations, popular talks, and specialist topics. Paul can also tailor a workshop to your specific needs.

The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It

This award-winning session focuses on how to create visions and then how to deliver them, including how to facilitate necessary behaviour change. It won the People’s Choice Award at the WA AMSRS Conference 2008 and has been in great demand ever since, in Australia and the UK. “Click here for a copy of the paper”.

Leadership Strategies for Surviving and Thriving

Since Paul became a CEO in 1996, he has given many talks and facilitated many workshops about leadership development and winning strategies for leaders across a range of sectors and situations. In this talk, Paul has pulled together the key points for today’s leaders, outlining approaches that can help leaders through the tough times and be ready to kick on in the good times.

Effective Listening

Due to the enormous interest in listening, developing listening skills, and transforming our lives, schools, businesses, etc through more effective listening, Paul runs workshops and courses and speaks at events on Effective Listening.

Managing, Mentoring and Coaching for Performance Assurance

In this very popular session, Paul has drawn together winning practices and devised a coherent model for individuals, teams, and organisations to consistently deliver on goals and KPIs.

The Science of Saying Yes and the Art of Saying No

Paul assists busy executives with deciding what their priorities and key goals are and how to stay focused on what is most important, including the key skill of saying no to what is not important.

Assume Nothing: Lessons from a Lifetime of Learning

This session has won awards in both Australia and the UK. Paul uses case studies of challenging and impactful research with lessons learned from both the outcomes and the process. One of the key conclusions is to ‘assume nothing’.

The Leadership Journey and the Transition to Happiness

Paul has worked with leaders and leadership teams over the years and developed a module entitled “The Leadership Journey” to help individuals and teams to understand and appreciate their personal ‘journey’ and how it has influenced their leadership style, values, visions, goals and motivations.

In 2010, Paul extended this material into his session “The Transition to Manager to Leader to…Being Happy”. This reflects the fact that many leaders achieve their career goals but then realise that achieving happiness is another journey they need to take.

Unlocking Human Potential Through Coaching

Paul talks about coaching as a philosophy, a management style and a set of tools for helping people and organisations to understand and then realise their true potential. He draws from his 16 years practising as an executive coach, as well as relevant theories and models.

Innovation via Liberation

This was first presented at the international Consumer Insights Conference held in Sydney in 2006 and it has been repeated many times due to popular demand, including as an extended interactive workshop. Paul gives a very challenging talk about how to create an innovation culture within your organisation, and then facilitates discussion on how you can rise to the challenge.

Creative Thinking for Left Brainers

We often hear executives making comments such as “I’m not really a very creative person” or “I’m more analytical rather than creative”. In this session, Paul puts forward the argument that we are all creative and provides tips on creative thinking processes that can be learned and put into practice.

Community Engagement: Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

Paul was one of the pioneers of community engagement and participatory research approaches, with the model he developed in York in the late 1980s and early 1990s becoming a reference point for many publicly-accountable organisations in the UK and in Australia. This session was first delivered at the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) Government Marketing and Communications Conference in 2006, and it wowed the audience, leading to many requests for more talks and workshops on this topic. Paul clarifies the core principles that underpin effective community engagement and highlights different methods for engaging communities, stakeholders, and employees.

Vision-Led Marketing

Paul builds on his sessions on visioning and business planning, and focuses on the marketing and communications strategies and processes required to effectively implement the vision. This session draws from Paul’s experience as a researcher, CEO, transformational change consultant, and executive coach.

Proactive Business Development

Paul has been in director-level positions for the past 17 years with responsibility for business planning and business development. He has successfully grown a number of business units and firms, and developed a reputation for excellence in developing client relationships. In this session, Paul provides an overview of good practice, and he gives those attending lots of practical tools and tips to take away. This session is extremely popular among professional services firms trying to build client relationships and extend the client base.

All of these sessions are available as keynote presentations, from 45-90 minutes or as extended, interactive half day or full day workshops.

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