Paul Vittles trained with the Academy for Chief Executives (ACE) in the UK, and has been a practicing Executive Coach since 1997. Paul coaches senior executives, team leaders, and leadership teams, helping them to clarify and achieve their goals.

Paul’s coaching draws from his 30 years’ experience in business, including more than 26 years in Director level positions, and 10 years as a CEO. Paul also draws from his consulting practice, working with busy executives and organisations, notably in developing and delivering inspired, shared visions and bringing about transformational change.

Paul’s coaching focuses mainly on assisting executives with their business and career challenges but he also has a long track record of coaching around work-life balance and stress management. Most coaching clients have immediate issues they want to resolve and then we move on to ‘prevention better than cure’ and more proactive planning.

Paul’s clients have included chief executives from some of the world’s largest companies, and senior figures in government in both Australia and the UK. Paul has coached Australia based executives from two of the world’s largest companies, along with senior officers from Federal, State and local government.

Paul is very much a practitioner but he has studied the theory and good practice principles behind coaching, mentoring and people development. His conference papers and presentations are renowned for including succinct, practical summaries of behavioural theories and models. Paul also has a qualification in evidence-based coaching from the University of Sydney Coaching Psychology Unit and stays in close contact with emerging best practice from all sources.

Paul and his colleagues at The Vittles Organisation run training courses and workshops for managers and leaders in coaching models, tools and techniques. Paul also works with management teams or leadership teams who are wanting to make better use of coaching approaches and to implement ‘Performance Assurance’.

The Vittles Organisation also practices what it preaches. Paul first discovered coaching when working as a CEO and had his own external coach. He now has three coaches as part of a peer-to-peer coaching program, working with an academic coach, an HR consultant, and a director of one of the world’s largest firms. He also facilitates a peer support networking group for executive coaches from a range of backgrounds.

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