Paul Vittles is a Professional Listener who works with individuals, teams and organisations to help them have greater impact through learning how to listen more effectively. How can we help you listen more effectively?

Most businesses and public services can transform their performance via more effective listening, active listening, empathic listening – internally and externally. Paul and his team assist this win-win process.

Why ‘Professional Listener’? Paul has had two layers of professional training as a listener. He is a professional researcher, being awarded Fellowship of the UK Market Research Society in 2001 for his pioneering work in research, consultation and engagement. Paul has worked with thousands of clients, including businesses, public services and NGOs, to help them better listen to their customers, clients, citizens, employees and other stakeholders.

Paul is also a trained, skilled and experienced executive coach. Paul has practised as a coach since 1997. In that time, he has coached hundreds of business owners, directors, public servants, and busy executives. This has included Paul listening effectively to the needs of his clients to help them set and achieve their goals. It has also involved Paul using coaching and counselling disciplines in assisting his clients to listen more effectively to their key stakeholders. What support do you need – personally or for your team – to have greater impact through more effectively listening?

Paul is regularly asked to speak at events, run workshops and write articles on effective listening, active listening, empathic listening, developing listening skills, etc. He runs regular workshops on Effective Listening Skills.

In 2011, Paul won the Sydney Morning Herald/TEDx competition for the “best idea worth spreading” and this was for his case for transforming business and society through more effective listening.

Paul founded Listen Hear: The Global Campaign for Effective Listening bringing together researchers, coaches, consultants, counsellors, businesses, public servants, speakers, psychologists, conflict resolution mediators, etc who all share a passion for effective listening.

Sample of one Paul’s articles on Effective Listening in the global research publication, Survey, April 2011:

Transformation through Learning How to Listen

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