Article from April 2012 on integrating corporate leadership development and community development initiatives to help retain talent:

Using Shared Value to Retain Top Talent

Article from August 2011 on ‘Managing Your Future’ tailored to business owners (who want to grow and sell their businesses) but with transferable lessons for all who need to map out their future vision and goals:

Managing Your Future

Paul has been appearing on radio and speaking at numerous events recently on the topics of effective listening, active listening, empathic listening, and improving listening skills. Listen to Paul being interviewed on this topic on 21C Radio in June 2011:

21C Radio Interview on Effective Listening

 Below is a link to a recent article from Paul on effective listening in the global research publication, Survey (April 2011):

Transformation through Learning How to Listen

Paul regularly runs workshops and courses on Effective Listening. Due to the enormous interest in listening, developing listening skills, and transformation through more effective listening, Paul has launched a global campaign: Hear! The Global Campaign for Effective Listening

Another recent article from Paul Vittles focuses on the science and evidence base supporting intuitive decision-making, published in Research News, Australia (April 2011). Paul regularly writes in HR and leadership columns and often focuses on leadership development and, especially, authentic leadership. This article encourages managers and leaders to tune in to their intuitive intelligence:

Intuition Works. Here’s the Evidence!

The Vittles Organisation was established to support managers and business owners to develop themselves, their people and their organisations, including supporting transformational change and leadership development. Taking the research industry as an example, although many sectors and professions have similar problems, this article from Paul Vittles (Research News, June 2010) sums up why we need to support and develop people through the difficult transitions and transformations they face:

Transitions and Transformations for Your People

Paul’s most widely read paper is from his multiple award-winning conference session:

The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It

Paul is renowned for his coaching and consultancy work in the fields of visioning and stakeholder engagement. He also regularly delivers keynotes and facilitates workshops on “Creating & Delivering An Inspiring Shared Vision”. The above paper includes some of the evidence base and models underpinning those talks and workshop sessions.

Paul has written many articles on executive coaching, including one outlining the fundamental thinking behind non-directive coaching:

The Answer Is Inside Your Own Head

Paul has done a few TV and radio interviews in his time, and here’s a recorded interview with Paul talking about good practice presentation and communication skills:

And here’s an article about the business of future featuring and trends in trendwatching:

Future Featuring

Paul is currently writing a book on how to achieve sustainable success, and will be keeping everyone informed on publication dates via LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Follow Paul on Twitter @PaulVittles