Paul Vittles is a very experienced and highly skilled workshop facilitator. He has designed and facilitated more than 500 workshops for a wide range of clients across a diverse range of sectors and situations.

Paul and his colleagues from The Vittles Organisation work with clients to design and facilitate workshops that fulfil their needs.

Paul draws from his 30 years experience as a researcher and consultant, his 20+ years in Director/CEO positions, and his 19 years practising as an executive coach in developing the skills to be able to assist people and organisations in finding a way forward using interactive workshops.

Workshops are run as open invitation sessions and for dedicated in-house teams. There are benefits to having the confidential in-house environment but also benefits to having the range of perspectives that an external session provides.

The Vittles Organisation works with senior managers and leaders, leadership teams, publicly-accountable organisations, commercial firms and not-for-profits to help them better understand the issues they face and the options they have before deciding on priorities and the agreed way forward. Paul is renowned for his skills in the following areas:

Visioning Workshops

Helping to create inspiring, shared visions with a clear and specific outline of the ‘desired state’ which provides the ‘pull effect’ for the desired change. Paul often uses a validated ‘Past, Present, Future’ model but has a range of other tools that can be used where appropriate.

Strategy Workshops

Helping people and organisations to develop strategies to fulfil their goals or review existing strategies. Paul uses trusted models, such as ‘3-D Knowledge’, and he draws from his extensive toolkit and years of experience to help his clients find new perspectives and renewed vigour in pursuing their goals.

Action Planning Workshops

In addition to assisting with the broader visions and strategies, Paul regularly works with clients to help them develop suitable action plans and be committed to taking the agreed actions. The world is littered with great plans that have never been implemented. Paul helps managers to translate strategic plans into action plans.

Learning Workshops

People and organisations often make progress through reflective learning but they spend most of their life ‘on the treadmill’ which does not create the right environment for learning. They also need the stimulus and challenge of peers, new perspectives, structured processes that support what coaches refer to as ‘vertical development’, and a facilitated learning environment. Paul provides the right environment, the processes, and the opportunity to gain valuable insight from reflection.

Development Workshops

Paul designs and facilitates workshops around any form of development – policy development, service development, organisational development, team development, personal development, professional development, leadership development, management development, employee development. Paul is highly skilled at creating the framework where development can be ‘squared’, ie addressing a particular development issue and tackling it in a way that encourages ‘vertical development’ among the participants in the workshop as the identified issue is being addressed.

Stakeholder Engagement Workshops

These are usually linked to visioning exercises, policy development, service development, etc but are important in their own right. For any change to take place as desired, for any plan to be effectively implemented, for any vision to be realised, the key stakeholders must be suitably engaged in the process. Involvement = Commitment! Paul specialises in bringing the key stakeholders together into a workshop and generating a common understanding of the key issues, developing shared solutions, and gaining commitment to collective co-ordinated action.

Effective Listening Workshops

Due to the enormous interest in listening, developing listening skills, and transforming our lives, schools, businesses, etc through more effective listening, Paul runs workshops and courses and speaks at events on Effective Listening.


The Vittles Organisation has a number of ‘packages’ that have been created in response to recurring client needs – see Topics for Workshops. Paul has also tailored many workshops to individual client needs, including responding successfully to a brief from the Victorian Department of Justice when they simply asked for ‘A Day of Inspiration’!

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