Paul Vittles FMRS FAMI FRSA is one of the very best keynote speakers on the circuit today. He regularly wins awards, scores highest on delegates’ evaluation forms, gets invited back to speak again at annual industry conferences, and is recommended to organisers of other events. Paul draws from his unique mix of research, engagement, coaching, consulting and counselling skills and experience to include interesting, original content as well as having an uplifting, motivational presentation style.

Paul’s signature topic is “Creating & Delivering An Inspiring Shared Vision”. He has designed and facilitated hundreds of visioning exercises and is expert in the fields of visioning and stakeholder engagement. Paul has facilitated visioning exercises for teams, organisations, services, communities, towns and cities, using his transferable tools and techniques. He has a track record of transformational change – and the stories to share with his audience.

Paul is regularly invited to speak at major business conferences on leadership development, authentic leadership, and vision-led change.  He also regularly speaks on goal setting and goal attainment, guiding diverse audiences through his ‘Performance Assurance‘ framework. Typical feedback received:

“From the moment Paul begins to speak, you know that he is passionately committed to helping people and organisations truly embrace and achieve their potential. In sharing both his experiences and the lessons learned from his extensive career in business planning and development, Paul masterfully and practically demystifies the pathways to achieving personal and professional success. An engaging, informative and transformative speaker. Paul Vittles knows how to inspire” (Amelia Starr, Director, AARC)

Paul regularly speaks to or facilitates workshops with CEOs, business leaders and senior executives.

“I am happy to recommend Paul for the superb content of his presentation and world class delivery skills. Paul has an ease with his audience which is refreshing and he is one of the best listeners I know” (Stephen Mayers, CEO, Best Behaviours)

Paul’s acclaimed and award-winning keynotes/talks/presentations include:

“Transformation through Learning How to Listen”

“Performance Assurance: How to Achieve Your Goals and KPIs 100% Every Time”

“Marketers – Leaders and Agents of Vision-Led Change” (Australian Marketing Institute Summit 2011)

“Creating & Delivering an Inspiring Shared Vision”

“The Transition from Executive to Manager to Leader to Being Happy”

“Leadership Drives Culture and Culture Drives Performance”

“Assume Nothing: Lessons from a Lifetime of Learning”

“The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It” (WA AMSRS 2008 – winner of People’s Choice Award)

“Unlocking Human Potential through Coaching”

“Innovation via Liberation”

“The Challenges of Change, Innovation & Engagement”

“Community Engagement: Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way”

“Research as a Life-Changing Experience” (AMSRS 2005 – winner of Best Paper Award)

Paul also provides extended workshop versions for all these topics. Please click on Contact us.