Clients and Testimonials

Delighted clients who have experienced Paul’s workshops, coaching and consultancy services have provided the following comments:

I attended Paul’s excellent workshop on ‘Managing, Mentoring and Coaching for Performance Assurance’. After listening to Paul talk, you are guaranteed to walk away feeling both challenged and inspired. I couldn’t recommend Paul enough to business professionals trying to get off the tread mill and step outside the box! (Jayson Chaplin, Research Manager, Stancombe Research & Planning)

Paul facilitated three very successful national workshops attended by over two hundred respite care services. He effectively engaged a very diverse group over a day and a half – keeping the proceedings pacy, lively and enjoyable while staying focused and productive. Feedback from the audience was extremely positive (Alison Wallace, Director, Urbis)

Paul is one of the most thought-provoking speakers I have seen on the topic of leadership. His workshop inspired me to challenge my thoughts and behaviours, in order to get the most out of the team I was leading. Paul’s workshop was an important stepping stone on my personal development journey to date (Tina D’Aurizio, Market Research Manager, HBF)

I participated in an AMSRS training workshop run by Paul on ‘Managing, Mentoring and Coaching for Performance Assurance’. Paul brought a lot fantastic thinking to the table and challenged his audience to work towards become better leaders in their organisations. In his trademark style, the workshop was very engaging and at the end of the session the group was energised and ready to take on the challenge (Marquis Pohla, Researcher and Consultant)

I found the ‘Managing, Mentoring & Coaching for Performance Assurance’ training workshop both informative and enjoyable. Paul packed a lot in and was very engaging in his delivery of the workshop, making sure it was anything but dull. He definitely has a passion for this area and it shows. I got a lot out of it (Misha White, Research Manager, Landcorp)

Having participated in a workshop led by Paul, and involving many experienced peers, I was most impressed by Paul’s undaunted and creative leadership of that session. Paul Vittles is very august workshop leader (Matt Balogh, Managing Consultant, McNair Ingenuity)

Paul gave a terrific half day workshop to senior researchers and market research managers on ‘Managing, Mentoring and Coaching for Performance Assurance’. I found it a refreshing change to work on my business rather than on my clients businesses, and the feedback from attendees was excellent. The workshop had a good theoretical base illustrated by practical examples. Paul is an authoritative and entertaining speaker who can pitch his message to suit his audience (Nicky Munro, Chair of WA division of AMSRS)

I very much enjoyed and have benefited greatly from having attended your training workshop ‘Managing Yourself and Others to Set and Achieve Your Goals’. The workshop served as a catalyst for me to really take ownership of my professional development and I would recommend to anyone with the opportunity to attend one of your sessions that they do so. The session was of particular benefit to me as a result of your knack for taking information that is widely available and presenting it in a way that allows us to recognise that the potential exists for us to take meaningful action, leading to desirable outcomes, without having to wait for someone else to do it for you (Jean-Philippe Clarenc, Statistical Consultant, Synovate)

I found the ‘Managing yourself and others to set and achieve your goals’ training workshop to be a validating, informative and most importantly an enjoyable experience. Throughout the session, I was able to personally identify with some of the positive and negative management and self-management behaviours that I have practiced over the years. I was extremely pleased to learn I am on the right track with my history of goal setting and taking a proactive approach to life. I was also thrilled to hear that I am not alone when I ask myself, ‘am I happy’. Paul is an excellent presenter with a wealth of experience and he has certainly provided me with a more focused view on what I need to do to get where I want to be (Rebecca Tranter, Senior Analyst, System Performance and Evaluation, WA Dept of Training and Workforce Development)

Paul has proven to be a great inspirational and motivational speaker at many of our LARIA Conferences and Workshops over a sustained period of time. I’m delighted that Paul has agreed to come over to the UK to speak at our 2010 Annual Conference in April. Paul provides delegates with a fresh and unique insight into many of the issues which they are having to address within their own organisations. Delegates always feel upbeat, uplifted and inspired after attending one of Paul’s presentations (Gerallt Evans-Hughes, Chair of the Events Group, LARIA)

Paul’s a great guy to workshop your thinking with. He’s a disciplined listener and an asker of great questions. He’s an ideas man, where the ideas end up coming out of you, not him (Duncan Rintoul, Associate Director, Urbis & Co-Chair of 2009 AMSRS Conference)

The Policy Network in the UK is one of the key think tanks and support organisations for the public sector. Paul led workshop sessions which stimulated new thinking and the linking of ideas amongst those who mould policy and strategy for the future (Rob Tinlin, Chief Executive at Southend Council)

I first met Paul back in 2002 when he was asked by the UK Market Research Society (MRS) to create and lead a workshop day with young researchers. The MRS was concerned that market research as an industry was not offering enough for younger researchers and was worried about the large number that disappear after three years. The outcome of that day was a strategy and the creation of a steering committee of which I was one of the original founding members. Paul helped to mentor us from the start, providing his time to help us learn how to work as a team and how to get the best out of the MRS/ourselves as well as other young researchers. Paul’s support was invaluable in the early days, we may not have succeeded without him. I also caught up with Paul at the MRS Conference in 2003 (typical of Paul he was full of passion on what we were doing and was wearing one of our promotional bugs we gave out stuck to his lapel). Paul is very committed, passionate and very supportive in everything he puts himself into. I have a great deal of respect for Paul and I think anyone who works with him will find the same man I have known and respected for the last eight years and many more in the future (Paul Crooke, Founding Member of R-Net, the young researchers’ group in the UK)

Paul has provided coaching, mentoring, training, workshop design/facilitation, research and consultancy for hundreds of clients in Australia and the UK. This includes SMEs, corporates, not-for-profits, and government organisations and their senior managers.

Organisations that Paul has provided services to (or the employers of people Paul has provided services to) since he moved to Australia in 2005 (in addition to his 1000+ clients in the UK)  include:

  • ACA Research
  • ACT Housing
  • Arts NSW
  • Arts Queensland
  • Arts Victoria
  • Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA)
  • Australian Council for the Arts
  • Australian Fair Pay Commission
  • Australian Fair Work Ombudsman
  • Australian Government Information Management Organisation (AGIMO)
  • Australian Sports Commission
  • Australian Tax Office
  • beyondblue
  • Blue Fish Restaurant
  • BrainJuicer
  • Brisbane City Council
  • B2B International
  • BT
  • Cancer Council NSW
  • Children’s Cancer Institute
  • City of Ryde Council
  • Colmar Brunton
  • Comcare
  • Department of Defence
  • Direction First
  • Directional Insights
  • Disney Channel
  • ekas Marketing Research Services
  • Farron Research
  • Federal Department of Health and Ageing
  • Federal Department of Families, Housing, Community Services, and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA)
  • Federal Department of Finance and Deregulation
  • Federal Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities
  • Federal Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Fusion Communications
  • Harbour IT
  • HBF
  • Health Services Australia (HSA)
  • Indigenous Business Australia
  • iNova Pharmaceuticals
  • IPAA
  • Jigsaw Strategic Research
  • Landcorp
  • Leighton Contractors
  • Melbourne University
  • National Youth Affairs Research Scheme (NYARS)
  • Network Research and Marketing
  • Newspoll
  • Nielsen
  • NRMA
  • NSW Department of Commerce
  • NSW Office of Environment and Heritage
  • NSW Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing
  • Nunwood Research and Consulting
  • Opinion Research Services
  • Opinium Research
  • Outback Ecology
  • Painted Dog
  • Potentiate
  • Product Perceptions
  • Prophisee
  • Queanbeyan City Council
  • Queensland Crime and Misconduct Commission
  • Queensland Department of Communities
  • Queensland Rail
  • RailCorp NSW
  • Research Now
  • Researchpanel
  • Research Solutions
  • Sensis
  • Singleton Council
  • SLS-Analdo
  • Stancombe Research and Planning
  • Suicide Prevention Australia
  • SuperFriend
  • Swift Research
  • Synovate
  • Taverner Research
  • Think Intrepid
  • Tourism Australia
  • Tourism and Events Queensland
  • Tourism Research Australia
  • Tourism WA
  • TNS
  • Urbis
  • Victorian Department of Justice
  • Vivid
  • WA Department of Education and Training
  • WA Public Transport Authority
  • Web Resources
  • Wollongong City Council