Paul Vittles FMRS FAMI FRSA has a unique set of skills and services to offer clients and business partners of The Vittles Organisation. He is experienced in designing and delivering training, but brings so much more to his training courses and workshops.

Paul has run training courses for employers and industry bodies in Australia and the UK, with more than 2,000 executives and managers attending his various courses and workshops over the past 25 years. Paul has also acted as a consultant to a number of firms, professional associations, and government departments in designing training and development programmes. This includes needs assessment, supply capability assessment, designing programmes, delivering programmes, and evaluating programmes.

Paul has particular experience to offer knowledge-based service businesses but his skills are transferable. His recent clients include government departments and managers from a range of firms from private health insurers to social enterprises.

Paul has personally designed and facilitated hundreds of training courses, workshops and extended development programmes. He has undertaken training needs assessments for organisations and individuals, in partnership with managers.

Paul has delivered in-house and external training in many formats, tailored to the needs of the client, ranging from instructional training courses to reflective learning workshops. Paul has also undertaken research to evaluate effectiveness.

The Vittles Organisation’s training sessions and courses fall into 5 broad areas:

  • Business strategy and development – assisting business owners, leaders and senior managers in devising strategies to grow and develop, and then effectively implementing those strategies
  • Coaching and mentoring – assisting managers and leaders in developing their skills in mentoring and coaching their staff for improved engagement, motivation and productivity.
  • Leadership development – developing leaders and potential leaders through training in good practice and reflective learning.
  • Creative thinking and innovation – providing frameworks, tools and techniques for creative thinking and innovation, and fostering a culture where innovation and creativity can thrive.
  • Research and engagement strategies and skills – drawing from Paul’s 28 years’ experience as a pioneer in the field of research and engagement. Paul covers research and engagement strategies, methodologies to fulfil objectives, the art of asking questions, online community engagement, etc.

Effective Listening

Due to the enormous interest in listening, developing listening skills, and transforming our lives, schools, businesses, etc through more effective listening, Paul also regularly runs workshops and courses and speaks at events on Effective Listening.

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