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Welcome – this is the website for Paul Vittles FMRS FRSA GAICD and The Vittles Organisation. Thank you for visiting.

The Vittles Organisation is dedicated to “helping people and organisations to achieve sustainable success”. Paul Vittles leads the networked organisation and personally delivers executive coaching, workshop facilitation, strategy consulting, keynote speaking, and training. For bigger projects, Paul works in partnership with colleagues and trusted associates from his Sydney base. Paul is also a Director of instinctandreason where his role is one-third research & consulting, one-third business development, and one-third people development. Instinct and Reason has some ‘cool tools’ that Paul utilises in his transformational change iniatives including predictive choice modelling and interactive decision support apps. This recent article/blog post summarises some of the examples of Paul and Instinct and Reason making a difference:


Paul led the RSA-fuelled ‘Big Ideas for Suicide Prevention’ initiative, resulting in ideas such as ‘Digital Life Saving’ which Paul presented from the stage in Fast Ideas at the 2014 TEDxSydney event, the biggest TEDx event in the world. For more about the Digital Life Saving project, read Fran Molloy’s feature:


Paul devotes much of his personal and professional time and energy to transforming workplace mental health. Paul is renowned for his ability to ‘join the dots’ in terms of strategy and implementation, and then connect everyone together in the spirit of Collective Impact

Another specific area of Paul’s expertise is team visioning and involving teams in meaningful future planning with stretching goals converted into practical action plans. He helps teams map out where they want to be and then how to deliver on those visions. Paul believes that communication, coaching, and consultancy are simple disciplines that people often overcomplicate.


Paul is a highly sought after keynote speaker, strategy consultant, executive coach, trainer, researcher and workshop facilitator.

“From the moment Paul begins to speak, you know that he is passionately committed to helping people and organisations truly embrace and achieve their potential. In sharing both his experiences and the lessons learned from his extensive career in business planning and development, Paul masterfully and practically demystifies the pathways to achieving personal and professional success. An engaging, informative and transformative speaker. Paul Vittles knows how to inspire” (Amelia Starr, Director, AARC)

The most popular sessions are:

~ Creating & Delivering An Inspiring Shared Vision (top rated keynote with practical ‘how to’ process)

~ Assume Nothing: Lessons from a Lifetime of Learning (signature keynote with great real life stories)

~ Transforming Your Life and Work by Learning How To Listen (challenge + practical skills)

~ Leadership-Culture-Performance: What Are You Creating? (challenging thoughts for leaders)

~ How to Achieve Your Goals & KPIs 100% Every Time (evidence-based coaching session)

~ Determining Your Destiny/The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It (confidence and competence builder!)


and wearing his RSA Chairman hat The RSA

~ The RSA: 250 Years of Social Innovation

From 2008-2015, Paul was Chairman of The RSA in A+NZ

At the 2014 RSA A+NZ AGM, Paul summarised the ground-breaking activities and achievements of the RSA:



Paul is regarded as one of the very best speakers and workshop facilitators around the topics of visioning, stakeholder engagement, social innovation, transformational change, goal setting, and goal attainment…and now specifically workplace mental health.

“I am happy to recommend Paul for the superb content of his presentation and world class delivery skills. Paul has an ease with his audience which is refreshing and he is one of the best listeners I know” (Stephen Mayers, CEO, Best Behaviours)

To contact The Vittles Organisation, please click on Contact us. In your message, please leave a contact ‘phone number so Paul or one of his colleagues can call you to clarify your requirements if necessary and respond as appropriate. Follow Paul on LinkedIn Paul Vittles LinkedIn Profile (he’s the only Paul Vittles on LinkedIn!) or via Twitter @vittlesorg