Transformational Change and Sustainable Success

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Why We Involve People in Decisions and How We Involve People in Decisions: Citizen and Community Engagement and Empowerment; Deliberative and Participative Democracy

Paul and ‘The Vittles Organisation’ (a collaborative team of partners) are dedicated to “helping people and organisations achieve transformational change and sustainable success”Chief Facilitator Paul Vittles FMRS FAMI FRSA Dip. Couns. is highly skilled in helping set and achieve goals, fostering innovation, and facilitating meaningful, lasting change:

Making a Difference

Paul assists individuals and teams develop visions, strategies and practical action plans; facilitating personal and professional change. He has expertise in research, engagement, evaluation, customer focus, coaching, counselling, and separating genuine insights from information.

Paul was a pioneer of citizen and customer centred public policies and services in the UK (including housing, transport, city & community regeneration, and health & social care); then a catalyst for similar transformation in Australia, notably in workplace mental health and wellbeing for sustainable high performance and long-term success.

Paul’s skills and experience have been applied in commercial and non-commercial settings, including collaborative partnerships. He has led many ground-breaking projects in the UK (including what to do with the site of 25 Cromwell St, Gloucester – the former home of the serial killers, Fred and Rosemary West) and in Australia, including how to put ‘customers at the centre’ in the energy & utilities sector:

Energy Customers at the Centre

Paul has facilitated stakeholder engagement to identify breakthrough ideas and practical ‘zero suicide’ actions for suicide prevention:

Saving Lives

Big Ideas for Suicide Prevention

…including a process that culminated in the new National Suicide Prevention Research Fund (and now Australia’s first National Strategy for Suicide Prevention 2020-2025), and also included pitching one of the big ideas at TEDxSydney 2014 at the Sydney Opera House:

TEDxSydney 2014 Fast Ideas: Digital Life Saving

Paul draws from multiple disciplines to find solutions to complex problems, such as using lessons from goal psychology, community planning, and behavioural economics to make ‘zero suicide’ a reality:

Zero Suicide as an Achievable Goal

Paul takes the perspective that suicide is a practical act and therefore ‘suicide prevention’ needs practical actions. He has undertaken much R&D to discover ‘what works’ in transformational change to move towards zero suicide, and now focuses on those practical actions that ‘work’.

Paul has recently partnered with Steve Phillip who lost his son, Jordan, to suicide in December 2019, as Paul and Steve found they had some shared experiences, shared values, shared philosophies, and shared goals, so thought they should convert this into shared actions (to honour Jordan, and all those who have lost their lives to suicide):

Paul is a Fellow of the UK Market Research Society (FMRS), a Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute (FAMI), a Fellow of The RSA (FRSA), and a qualified professional counsellor (AIPC); with finely-honed skills, many years of experience and relevant qualifications in coaching, consulting & counselling.


Paul is a highly sought after strategy consultant, community and stakeholder engagement adviser and practitioner, executive coach, counsellor, trainer, researcher, workshop facilitator and keynote speaker.

“From the moment Paul begins to speak, you know that he is passionately committed to helping people and organisations truly embrace and achieve their potential. In sharing both his experiences and the lessons learned from his extensive career in business planning and development, Paul masterfully and practically demystifies the pathways to achieving personal and professional success. An engaging, informative and transformative speaker. Paul Vittles knows how to inspire” (Amelia Starr, Company Director)

Paul is one of the very best speakers and facilitators on the topics of visioning, stakeholder engagement, social innovation, transformational change…and, specifically, workplace wellbeing and suicide prevention.

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