Planning Your Event

As well as being an excellent conference speaker, MC and workshop facilitator, Paul is highly skilled and experienced in designing and planning conferences and events.

Paul and his colleagues at The Vittles Organisation have planned and organised industry conferences, seminars, and events in Australia and the UK.

Paul was co-chair of the 2009 Australian research industry conference – 100 Stories. This major event was the biggest and best research industry conference in Australia. A total of 685 delegates attended and, in the follow up evaluation survey, the conference gained the highest ratings on record. The highest ratings were for two of the speakers that Paul recommended to the Conference Committee.

The 2009 AMSRS Conference began with Paul designing and facilitating a visioning workshop for key research industry stakeholders to map out the kind of conference they wanted. Paul then took the lead in ensuring that this vision was realised. With his co-chair, Duncan Rintoul, and a conference committee, it was a team effort but Paul sourced and booked many of the speakers, including those who received the highest ratings from delegates.

We can liaise with other excellent speakers and session facilitators to help create a quality-assured programme for your event.

If you would like assistance from The Vittles Organisation in creating your vision for your event and/or in making that vision a reality, then Contact us.